Welcome to St Joseph’s Parish-based Sacramental Program

Reconciliation, First Holy Communion & Confirmation

The Sacraments of Initiation (RECONCILIATION, FIRST HOLY COMMUNION AND CONFIRMATION) are a special time for our children, families and church.  Our preparation sessions are Parish-based and the focused is on parents, children and parishioners coming together to share our faith and our knowledge.

Our preparation course times are outside of school hours. This enables us to cater for anyone who would like to receive these special blessings. All are welcomed.

If your child has not been baptised or have missed out on a sacrament… we can help you “catch-up”. It is never too late!

Dates for Sacraments are listed in the parish bulletin and enrolment is online.

(Please see below for the links for enrolment to each sacrament)

Lesson and activities comprise of Children, Parents and Catechist participating in Mass, reflection days, creative activities and lessons prior to reception of each Sacrament. Attendance is essential during this period of learning. This helps us to obtain the most valuable growth within ourselves and with God!

Each formal lesson lasts for approximately one hour. Parents are asked to choose a lesson time that suits them so that one parent is able to commit to attending each meeting with their child. A parent or carer must be present at each activity and lesson throughout the preparation period.

St Joseph’s Primary school also supports the program and instruction on the Sacraments is included in the Religious Education and Scripture curriculum.

Additional information
There is a parish contribution payment of $55.00 for each sacrament to cover resources. This must be paid at our information session for each sacrament.

NOTE: Sacraments can run from 4 to 5 weeks. Classes and Mass attendance are required to receive the sacrament. The parish reserves the right not to administer the sacrament due to poor attendance or not paying the $55 fee to any individual.

Sacrament Program 2020

First Holy Communion Enrolment will resume in 2020

Confirmation Enrolment
will resume in 2020

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