Leaders writings of hope. Linda Praum

God is Alive in our hearts and prayers!

Our churches may be closed, but the true church is in US…the people.

We may be separated… but we are joined together as one in the Holy Spirit.

We must continue the church in our homes… with private prayers, bible readings and personal reflection. If you know of anyone who would like the parish bulletin posted to them, especially if they have no internet access, please send an email to stjosephspirit@gmail.com or call the parish office on 9747 4884.

The parish Bulletin will be posted online every weekend on our website www.stjosephenfield.org.au

This will keep you up-to-date on what is happen in our little part of the world!

The path is not always easy, especially when there is constant change and disruption to our daily lives. We return to the basic fundamentals of food and shelter (maybe toilet paper?) … and most importantly GOD as a constant “ROCK” to steady us and keep us moving in the right direction.

Let us see this as a time of building our own Resilience, Patience and Faith to continue our journey with Jesus!