The Parish of St Joseph’s Enfield is working towards reducing its environmental impact. This action is being taken as a commitment to justice and in solidarity with the poor who are more vulnerable to the effects of Climate  Change and Global Warming.

Actions taken are:

In the Parish: October 2016: Solar Power System installed on the roof of the Hall. Power to all building come back to a single point so that the solar panels are able to provide power to the whole complex.


In the Church

All lights are LED technology to reduce power consumption
Fans are used for cooling
A flyscreen door has been installed to increase airflow in the sacristy

In the Presbytery

  1. Fans have been purchased to reduce the use of the airconditioners which were installed before the full awareness of their environmental excess was appreciated.
  2. Blinds and curtains have been installed to keep out the hot sun in summer, and keep in the warmth in winter.
  3. Flyscreens have been installed at windows so that they can be opened to obtain a cooling breeze in summer when this is available.
  4. Rainwater tanks are being installed (November 2015): water harvested will be used to water the gardens, flush toilets and is also reticulated to the washing machine.
  5. A worm farm is operational to take some of the kitchen scraps, including tea bags and coffee grounds.
  6. A vegetable garden has been dug and is currently providing produce for the kitchen.

Worm farm and Vegie patch


Fan for cooling



one of our water tanks!



another tank

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Avoiding will always be the # 1 best way of reducing waste.

Further information can be found on the website of Planet Ark About RecyclingNearYou