Messages from the St Josephs Parish Community

An Appeal for Beirut

This is a worthy appeal that Gladys has brought to our attention at St Joseph’s Enfield.

Many of our families have relatives and friends that have been hit hard by this event.


Vinnies Winter Appeal 2020 Flyer

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Message Of Encouragement

Dear Friends in Christ,

These are unprecedented times, testing times but also an opportunity to look beyond our own needs and care for our fellow Parishioners; parishioners who are less fortunate than us, parishioners who need a reassuring word or a help hand.

We also acknowledge the medical personals, those who care for the sick and risk their lives and are at the forefront in giving their lives. It is important that we keep the medical personals in our prayers and care for their wellbeing and safety. We must also remember our parishioners, you, during this challenging time.

However, as Catholics, as Australians, as a Civilisation, we have been through challenges and persevered.

From our persecution in Rome, to the early wars of the 20th century, we as a people have come out stronger.
Even the infamous black plague did not perish us.

Many suffered, and many more will.
However this is an opportunity for the Church to shine.
Although we won’t have mass available, Jesus is with us.

Remember, when “two or more are gathered in my name, there I am amongst them”. Perhaps we use this time to pray more at home with our family – say the rosary. Spend time with Jesus, reading the Gospels, or enjoy his company in quiet prayer.

This is His time to shine, in serving our immediate family, friends, Neighbours and further remembering those who are sick and suffering.
Perhaps consider preparing a meal for a friend who’s finding it difficult to manage or your elderly neighbour or a Parishioner from our Parish.
Charity begins at home, look into your own family and see if a family member needs help due to their circumstances being changed by the Coronavirus outbreak.
Perhaps looking out for people who have been isolated due to family conflicts.

The Catholic Church in Australia is closely following, and complying with the advice of the Commonwealth Department of Health and the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference is providing resources to support people’s prayer life, including links to online Masses and a Sunday prayer resource.

You are not alone.

We thank you for your patience, understanding and support during the national lockdown and look forward to welcoming you back into the fold in the near future.
Be safe, take care and please stay connected.

May your prayers give you comfort and please do not hesitate to contact Fr Kim, should you wish to receive spiritual support by phone.

Yours in Christ,

Richard Allcock – Chairperson Parish Pastoral Council – St Joseph Church Enfield.

Stephen Howard – My Story

My name’s Stephen Howard, I’m a 26 year old seminarian for the Archdiocese of Sydney, studying at The Good Shepherd, and I’ve been welcomed graciously by Father Kim into the presbytery of St Joseph’s to continue my studies and formation during this confusing time.

I grew up with strong formation in the faith in Northwest Sydney, but after leaving school and moving out of home, my personal faith couldn’t bear testing, and for many years, Christ and His Church were essentially irrelevant to me; I was too interested in my own story, in being liked by everyone I met, and in solving my own problems.

After many long years, I was halfway through studying to become a high school art teacher, when I began to recognise that I wasn’t enough. That everything I had built for myself – no matter how fun or impressive – had failed to make me a good man, or even a healthy, balanced person. I needed something more. I could have anything I wanted, but still there was always something missing. Some-One missing.

So, I took a semester off, I travelled Europe, and eventually found myself at my parents’ farm in northern Victoria, with the beauty of Creation all around me and a lot of time to think. After realising my deep desire to be a good man – and a good father someday – thinking became making changes in my life, and this ended in prayer.

I prayed to St. Joseph of course, the patron of manhood and fatherhood, the very image of the Father on earth. He wasn’t God, and he wasn’t the Immaculate Mary, he was just a man who did his best, quietly and courageously – even failing sometimes. And he answered my prayer, breaking open my heart at the thought of the Child Jesus resting against his heart – my heart. He introduced me to his wife through the Rosary, and she too broke open my heart, and I received the Holy Spirit in a profound way. She led me to the sacrament of Love and Mercy – Reconciliation – and I received her Son, Christ Himself in the Eucharist again not long after.

The following years were intensely difficult as I strove to say yes each day to whatever God was calling me to: uni chaplaincy, conferences, retreats, mission trips; but eventually I learned to begin to let go, and to allow Him to work in me, and to stop trying to control my life. This lead not to a wife and children like I’d planned, but to the seminary and a different kind of fatherhood.

So here I am again, a refugee under the protection of my patron and yours: St. Joseph. I hope to meet many of you, but know that you are in my prayers, particularly when I have the privilege to serve the mass in your beautiful church, and I ask you all to keep me and my vocation to fatherhood in your prayers as well. Stay Hopeful, and remember we are all one Body in Christ, embraced by the Father, and the Spirit burns in us.

In Him,


Also if you want to, you can reach out to me for any reason, I’d love to talk about growing in the faith or discerning vocations, and I’d like to be involved with the youth group too (maybe we could pray together online?). You can email me at:

(If you’re under 18, be sure to have express permission from your parents/guardians and cc them into any email you send.)

From Vesna Family Educator

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Roof repairs – blocked guttering

New arch for Mary

Animals are well

Rosina writings

My dear friends in Christ the Divine Mercy Holy Hour is our daily devotion offering presented in the form of particular prayers made specifically in the Eucharistic adoration in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.
As we can no longer gather together in the church, we can continue to dedicate our Holy Hour without the exposition,
At the same time of 2.30pm-3.30pm each day. But at home, as we isolate ourselves for safety from spreading this Coronavirus.
Love and prayers
Rosina and Rocco Rotunno.